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Sacral Chakra


  • Second Chakra
  • Sanskrit name: Szadistana, “Place Of Joy”
  • Shown in orange
  • Located directly in front of the sacrum
  • Associated with sensuality, creativity and joy
  • Relationships, emotions and feeling


  • The reproductive glands of both sexes is found in the sacral region
  • In women, this chakra is at the physical location of the womb, the origin of new life
  • In men, it is in proximity to the prostate, where seminal fluid is produced
  • Hormone production
    • Estrogen in women
    • Testosterone in men
  • The Sacral Chakra is found at the lumbar spine between L1 and L4
    • The location of the lumbar nerve plexus
      • Innervation of abdomen, large intestine, hip flexors, upper legs, sex organs
      • Much of this nerve bundle is embedded in or on the surface of the psoas muscle
  • The psoas is a complex muscle, with properties of muscular function (movement and stability), nervous system, digestive, instinctive (fight or flight) and more. This article has detailed information on this interesting tissue.
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