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Hot Stones in Therapeutic Deep Massage

One of the things I love about this field is the unending potential to learn and grow. From simple things, like learning to use a tool I have been using in a new way, to more complex concepts, and in some cases a complete revamp of the understanding of the functioning of the body, there

High Heels: Fashionable, Yes, But What Kind Of Lasting Impression Do They Leave?

They’re nothing new. Heels have been found in depictions as far back as ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. Primarily used by males for their practical benefits, by warriors on horseback in particular, elevated heels kept the boot from sliding out of the stirrup. In the seventeenth century, both men and women in the upper classes

Floor Angels, a great stretch for the shoulders and neck

This simple stretching exercise can help alleviate many back and neck pain symptoms and free up the shoulders. It was shown to me by a physical therapist, and I use it frequently for myself. I call it “Floor Angels”, a variation on the snow angels we used to do as kids. There is a version

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