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What to Expect

At the first session, the client will be asked to fill out a Health History Form. This form is available as a PDF download. We recommend that you fill it out prior to arriving for your session.

The Health History Form gives the therapist a look at the prior and current health history of the client, a valuable tool for determining a safe and appropriate approach for the session. A few minutes should be allowed for reviewing and discussing this form prior to the beginning of the session.  We require that the Health History be filled out and signed by the client for our records.

We advise all of our clients to allow plenty of time to arrive, particularly for the first visit. A map is included to help locate us. In the event a client realizes they are going to be late, we ask that they please call as soon as possible. We will make every effort possible to give an effective treatment within the time allotted. Please take a moment to review our policies, as you will be required to sign a document accepting the terms of these policies.


Table Massage

Our massage services may be done at your home or at our private studio located at 10 Union Street, Natick, MA 01760.

We work primarily with BioTone Pure Touch unscented organic cream. It leaves the skin moisturized, and avoids the residual sensation that comes from oils. On request, we also have grapeseed or jojoba oil. Additionally, clients may choose from a wide selection of relaxing music.

The table will be set with top and bottom linens, called drapes. For the safety and comfort of our clients, we expose only the area of the body being worked on, using the top drape to cover the rest of the body. After the initial interview, in which we discuss the health history form, past experience with massage and preferences, the client is shown to the studio where they are left in privacy to remove their clothes. While it is easiest to work with minimal or no clothing, the level of comfort of the client determines whether they leave underwear on or remove it. They then climb under the top drape and relax.

A knock will be heard before the therapist enters, assuring that the client is comfortably on the table before entering the room. Once the session is completed, the therapist informs the client that the work is done, and quietly leaves the room. As this type of work often leaves the receiver light-headed, it is best to take a couple of minutes to re-acclimate before sitting up. The client then dresses before opening the door, indicating to the therapist that they are ready to check out.


Thai Yoga Massage

If you have never experienced Thai Yoga Massage, you are in for a real treat. Think of it as applied yoga. Deriving from the Ayurvedic tradition, yogic principles of physical and energetic movement form the basis of this type of bodywork.

The recipient does nothing but relax and let the session happen. The practitioner moves the recipient through a series of poses, applying techniques to help increase joint mobility, muscle relaxation and balance.

For those concerned about removing clothing, this work is done fully clothed on a mat. Clothes should be loose fitting or stretchy.


Mobile Massage

Yes, we bring it all to you! For more information, click here.

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