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Chakras And The Physiological Body

Breathing and Posture

Posture Is Huge! When we think of posture, we often think of standing in “perfect” balance, with ears aligned over shoulders, over hips, over knees, over ankles. But really, posture is more a study of how we hold ourselves as we go through our daily lives. This includes standing, sitting, walking, swinging a golf club, shooting

NeuroMuscular Therapy Massage: Pain Pain Go Away

What Is NMT? The term “Neuromuscular Therapy Massage”   has been around for some time, and many looking for relief from pain are familiar with it. But often, people are unclear about what it really means. This post is an attempt at a brief, if less than comprehensive, description of the history, reasoning behind the techniques,

Fascia: The Glue That Binds Us

Fascia is all the talk in bodywork circles these days. Most of us intentionally incorporate some aspect of fascial work in our practices, but in reality ALL manual therapists affect fascial tissue to some extent, whether they know it or not. I have had many clients come in who have either never heard the term

Flexible Spending Accounts: A great way to finance massage

In these difficult financial times, when stress levels are high and every dollar counts, massage is more necessary than ever. I am frequently asked if I can bill insurance for the services I provide. Many people don’t understand why it is not covered in most instances, considering other treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic often are.

Shoveling and Back Care

What a winter! I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen this much snow! For those of us with snow blowers, it’s enough of a challenge  just figuring out where to put it all. Without one, it becomes important to be aware of what we are doing out there. There are several things we can

Psoas: At The Core Of It All

It’s amazing what a motivator pain can be, and how hard it can be to pin down sometimes. For years, I have had low-grade pain in my right side. At different times, it has affected my shoulder, ribcage, outer hip, groin and knee; sometimes one area by itself, and other times in different combinations. There

Hot Stones in Therapeutic Deep Massage

One of the things I love about this field is the unending potential to learn and grow. From simple things, like learning to use a tool I have been using in a new way, to more complex concepts, and in some cases a complete revamp of the understanding of the functioning of the body, there

High Heels: Fashionable, Yes, But What Kind Of Lasting Impression Do They Leave?

They’re nothing new. Heels have been found in depictions as far back as ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. Primarily used by males for their practical benefits, by warriors on horseback in particular, elevated heels kept the boot from sliding out of the stirrup. In the seventeenth century, both men and women in the upper classes

Floor Angels, a great stretch for the shoulders and neck

This simple stretching exercise can help alleviate many back and neck pain symptoms and free up the shoulders. It was shown to me by a physical therapist, and I use it frequently for myself. I call it “Floor Angels”, a variation on the snow angels we used to do as kids. There is a version

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