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Forward Head Posture and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

A client recently came in complaining of pain and tension in his head, neck and shoulders. At our initial conversation, he mentioned that he spends long hours on the computer. As with many who work with computers, he had the classic signs of Forward Head Posture (FHP). These include a rounding of the upper back,

When Is A Tennis Elbow Not A Tennis Elbow?

When it’s a trigger point! *ba dump-bump* (Thankfully, I Love my day job!) So anyway, tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a common injury in those of us over the age of 35. It is typically brought on by repetitive activities, particularly those that involve an impact, like tennis, hammering or chopping wood. The tendonous

Pillow Talk

A pillow is a pillow is a pillow, right? Actually, you might be surprised to find out how many different types of pillows there are! There are foam filled, cotton filled, down, memory foam, buckwheat hull, flat, rolled, contoured, hypoallergenic, water, and the list goes on. Why so many types? And are there real differences?

Prenatal Massage For a Happier, Healthier Mother and Child

Massage has been an integral part of traditional prenatal care on every continent, and as far back as history shows. Its numerous benefits have been accepted for centuries, particularly for women going through this sometimes physically and emotionally challenging event. While our western medical approach has at times frowned on it as potentially unsafe or

Plantar Fasciitis, A Real Pain in the Foot

Have you ever rolled out of bed first thing in the morning, stepped on the floor and had a pain in your heel that made you want to crawl back under the covers? Chances are you have experienced plantar fasciitis. This condition is an inflammatory response, caused by small tears in the thick tissue on

Hot Stone Massage: Ancient Healing Technique Stands The Test of Time

While its exact origins are a little fuzzy, there is no doubt that Stone Therapy has been a part of human healing for centuries. Evidence shows that as early as 2600 BC, river stones were used in India and China, warmed in the sun and applied to the body along specific lines to balance energy

Deep Tissue Versus Relaxation Massage; Shades of Grey?

I’ve worked on a lot of different bodies over the years, and am always interested to see people’s interpretations of what “deep” work is. Two people come in looking for a “deep tissue” massage, the first asks me to back off almost immediately, while the other asks when the deep stuff begins. In my training,

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