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Solar Plexus Chakra


  • Third Chakra
  • Sanskrit name: Manipura, “City Of Jewels”
  • Shown in yellow
  • Located just below the rib cage
  • The place of personal power, motivation and vulnerability
    • The source of personal opinion and “gut reactions”
  • Considered the transition between the earthbound lower chakras and the more spiritual upper ones
  • The drive to “become something” is based here
    • This is a motivation unique to humans


  • Located at the Celiac Plexus, also known as the Solar Plexus
    • In front of the lumbar spine
    • Made up of a number of different nerve types and smaller plexii
      • Digestive nerves are a mix of autonomic and enteric
        • The Enteric Nervous System is intrinsic to the digestive tract
        • Both nerve types are outside the realm of conscious control
      • The Solar Plexus innervates the pancreas and adrenals
        • The Pancreas produces insulin and glucagon
          • Primary regulators of sugar in the blood stream
          • Control the amount of energy available to the body
        • Adrenal glands produce cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine
          • Stress hormones
          • Released into the blood to produce a rapid increase in blood sugar, allowing the body to respond quickly to perceived threats
        • Somatic Nerves from the lower thoracic region
          • Innervate the abdominal muscles
        • The Diaphragm is located just above the solar plexus
          • Breathing, a life-sustaining function, is controlled by the diaphragm
          • It functions on both a conscious and unconscious level
          • It brings oxygen into the body and moves carbon dioxide out
          • Massages the organs of digestion
          • Can be strongly impacted by emotional stress and tensional forces on the ribcage and abdominal musculature
            • Stress causes shortness of breath and restrictions to the metabolic process that supplies the body with energy

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