Manual Therapy for the Body and the Mind

Third Eye Chakra


  • Sixth Chakra
  • Sanskrit name: Ajna
  • Shown in indigo
  • Located between the eyebrows in the center of the forehead
  • Considered the psychic center
    • Involved with perception, imagination, insight and dreaming
    • A manifestation of the brain, it is the control center for the mind/ body
  • The main goal of yoga is to clear blockages of the lower five chakras, allowing awareness of mind-driven conscious and body-driven unconscious impulses to be fully realized in the third eye
    • The practitioner can become more consciously aware of the body, and is able to make effective decisions about how to proceed through life
  • In our present society, where computers, gaming and other mind-based pursuits far exceed more physically balanced ones in their esteem and popularity, it is no surprise that we have increased incidences of ADHD, insomnia and an inability to concentrate


  • The nervous system component is the brain
    • The most electrically charged region of the body
    • The “traffic cop” for the entire body
      • Involved with thinking, memory, motor control, spatial perception, the five senses, as well as the unconscious systems like breathing, blood circulation, body temperature and more
    • As the brain is to the physical body, so the Pituitary gland is to the endocrine system
      • Its primary function is to manufacture and distribute broad-reaching regulating hormones that affect the entire body
        • Growth hormone, essential for growth and repair of tissue
        • Prolactin, the activator for milk production
        • Oxytocin, an important hormone for maternal behaviors such as bonding, breast feeding and birthing
        • Endorphins, the happy drugs released during exercise, excitement and orgasm
        • Thyroid stimulating hormone, among others
    • The Hypothalamus links the pituitary to the central nervous system, acting as orchestra master and gatekeeper
      • Receiving its signal directly from the brain, it sends nerve impulses to the pituitary signaling the need to produce the hormones the body needs

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