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Throat Chakra


  • Fifth Chakra
  • Sanskrit name: Visuddha
  • Shown in blue
  • Located at the base of the throat
  • Affects the throat, shoulders and arms
  • Involved with expression, communication, purification and discernment
  • Here is where we express to the outside world what is going on internally
    • Through vocalization and physical contact, writing and other forms of communication, we are able to let others understand what we are thinking and feeling
    • It is at the fifth chakra where all signals and emotions arising from the lower chakras are filtered before being received by the conscious mind
  • Cases where this chakra is restricted may be related to the person feeling the need to hold in their emotions


  • There are two important nerve plexii associated with the fifth chakra, both within the cervical region between C1 and T1
    • The Cervical Plexus innervates the muscles and skin of the neck
    • The Brachial Plexus provides for the entire upper extremity, including shoulders, arms and hands
    • The nerves that provide the lungs and upper abdominals generate from here, as do some of the cranial nerves that control speech and motor abilities of the mouth and throat
  • A muscular pattern in this region, commonly known as Forward Head Posture, has its origins in the fear response
    • The head shifts down and forward, with chin leading
    • The shoulders are elevated, and often rounded forward
    • This often becomes a chronic postural issue and source of pain
      • Back and neck pain
      • Shoulder and arm pain, neural restriction, and joint dysfunction
      • Physical constriction of the airway and voice
  • The Thyroid, located in the front of the throat, (just below the Adam’s apple in males), is the endocrine gland associated with the Throat chakra
    • It is controlled by the pituitary
    • Produces hormones which strongly affect the body’s energy level
    • Works in conjunction with the parathyroid to balance calcium levels throughout the body
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