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Chair Massage

An ideal solution for the company that wants to offer its employees a perk during the work day. These 10 or 15 minute sessions concentrate on the back, neck and shoulders, where most of us carry our stress. The shortened time frame and simple preparation make it easy to fit a session into a coffee or lunch break, and help improve employee morale and productivity. Great for the workplace, conference, or any event.

Turtle Dance provides expert bodywork therapists and all necessary equipment…you provide the grateful employees! It’s a simple and easy-to-implement event, even in small office settings.

Service FAQ

How long are the sessions?

We’ll work with you to determine the amount of time spent on each massage, but generally 10-15 minutes per person works well. We charge an hourly rate, so you may break up the sessions accordingly.

What do we need to provide?

All you need is a quiet place for us to set up our massage equipment. We need enough room to easily maneuver around each chair. It’s best if you have a room with a door, to close off the distractions and sounds of the office.

What should we wear?

No special clothing is needed, because no oil or cream is used. The work is done right over your clothing. The massage will be more effective if heavy sweaters or jackets are removed.



For athletes looking to improve their game, swing, stride or ride. Therapeutic bodywork to achieve peak performance and prevent injury.


Whether you’re an overworked executive or an overburdened mom, massage therapy soothes and restores, allowing stress to fall away.

Hot Stone

Heated volcanic stones help relax tight muscles to ease tension. An indulgent massage for relaxation and stress relief.


Mothers-to-be require special care and attention. Expert massage to safely reduce stress on the body for a healthy, happy pregnancy.

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