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Mobile Massage

All the benefits of massage, combined with the comfort and ease of staying in your own home. What could be better? For mobile massage we bring all of the equipment right to you, complete with a comfortable massage table, fresh linens and the music of your choice. We will tailor your massage, including therapeutic bodywork or relaxation massage, to suit your needs.

Service FAQ

Why choose mobile massage?

If you are on bed rest or have mobility issues we can easily bring the massage to you to help relieve your pain or discomfort.

People who suffer from insomnia benefit from a relaxing massage just before going to bed. With mobile massage, you avoid the stress of driving and can simply move to your own bed for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Even if you’re perfectly healthy, mobile massage is a convenient way to receive the benefits of bodywork when you have a limited amount of time or can’t get to our office.

What is your service area?

We’re happy to travel within 15 – 20 miles of our Natick center office. Appointments must be held with a credit card.

Is mobile massage just as effective?

Yes. All of the equipment needed to perform an effective massage is portable. It’s just as wonderful and effective as it would be in our office, so why not take advantage of the added convenience?



For athletes looking to improve their game, swing, stride or ride. Therapeutic bodywork to achieve peak performance and prevent injury.



Whether you’re an overworked executive or an overburdened mom, massage therapy soothes and restores, allowing stress to fall away.



Mothers-to-be require special care and attention. Expert massage to safely reduce stress on the body for a healthy, happy pregnancy.



Think of it as yoga without all the work. We apply the techniques, you just relax. Sessions take place on a mat, with both parties fully clothed.


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