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Prenatal Massage

Many studies show that regular massage during pregnancy is beneficial for both mother and child. It reduces stress and depression, helps with sleep, reduces low back pain, and can make for easier labor. We offer side-lying techniques, using pillows for support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is prenatal massage safe?

Yes, massage is safe, and even beneficial, during all trimesters. There is a misconception that massage can contribute to miscarriage. However, there is no scientific evidence to back this claim. Greg has specific training in what should and should not be done for the safety of mother and child. Please consult your physician prior to scheduling a massage.

What's the difference between prenatal and relaxation massage?

There are several primary differences. During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through dramatic hormonal changes. These changes cause joints and ligaments to loosen, so less pressure is applied. Some women also develop a sensitivity to fragrances so we refrain from using scented oils.

Mothers-to-be are placed in a side-lying position, reducing pressure on the belly for comfort and safety.

I'm on bed rest. Can the massage take place at my home?

Absolutely! We’re more than happy to come to you! Please check our Mobile Massage page for more information.



For athletes looking to improve their game, swing, stride or ride. Therapeutic bodywork to achieve peak performance and prevent injury.



Whether you’re an overworked executive or an overburdened mom, massage therapy soothes and restores, allowing stress to fall away.



Mothers-to-be require special care and attention. Expert massage to safely reduce stress on the body for a healthy, happy pregnancy.



Think of it as yoga without all the work. We apply the techniques, you just relax. Sessions take place on a mat, with both parties fully clothed.


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