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Is therapeutic massage painful?

Certain therapeutic techniques function on the principal that strong sensation is the only way to affect lasting change. When working in these techniques, one can expect a “hurts so good” feeling, which is not the same as outright pain. If pain or even discomfort is experienced during the session, it is important to let the therapist know. A good therapist will interact with, and respond to the needs and comfort of the client, but may need to be informed when an adjustment is necessary.

Am I going to be sore?

Therapeutic massage is designed to create change in the body. It is important to know that you MAY feel a bit sore in the 1-2 days following your massage, particularly if there is a lot of tension built up in the tissue. This is normal, and should dissipate, leaving the body feeling better. The sensation may feel like that following a heavy workout or strenuous physical activity that the body is not used to.

How many sessions will it take?

Every body, and every individual’s life experience is unique. It’s difficult to know beforehand how a person will respond to the work. If it looks like more than one session is necessary to effect change, our approach is to start with three sessions, scheduled a week apart. We continuously check in with how the client is responding and tailor the treatment accordingly.

Therapeutic Massage

Our therapeutic massage incorporates elements of many different techniques to achieve better balance within the body, less muscle tension and more relaxation. Each session is tailored to the individual and what is happening with their body at the time of the session. Work can be concentrated on a specific area for the entire session, or a full-body massage may be more appropriate.

Muscular Therapy

A blend of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, neuromuscular and sports techniques to achieve greater relaxation.


An advanced form of assessment and specialized massage, which utilizes static and semi-static pressure on stuck points in muscle tissue to relieve pain and improve function.

Sports Massage

Techniques like tapotement (tapping), shaking, range of movement techniques (active and passive) and tissue compression help increase range of motion to set athletes up for improved performance. Post-event massage stimulates circulation, calms the nervous system, and removes muscular tension paving the way to a faster recovery.

Golfers Massage

Body mechanics make the difference between an average player and a pro. Repetitive movements, particularly rotational movements, can cause overuse issues, particularly if alignment is a little off. Massage helps with alignment, stability and flexibility. With a focus on freeing the shoulders and hips, our Golfer’s Specialized Massage helps the body move more easily with less pain and more strength and control.

Runners Massage

Hips, knees, and feet – for runners, these are the most common areas of pain. Runners, particularly the occasional runner, need to take precautions to avoid injury. Tissue work keeps the muscles pliant and, in conjunction with training and proper footwear, helps improve alignment.



For athletes looking to improve their game, swing, stride or ride. Therapeutic bodywork to achieve peak performance and prevent injury.



Whether you’re an overworked executive or an overburdened mom, massage therapy soothes and restores, allowing stress to fall away.



Mothers-to-be require special care and attention. Expert massage to safely reduce stress on the body for a healthy, happy pregnancy.



Thai Yoga MassageThink of it as yoga without all the work. We apply the techniques, you just relax. Sessions take place on a mat, with both parties fully clothed.


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